R.E.M. in 1994.

Happy (belated) 20th birthday to Monster!


R.E.M. with the Lucy Show from November 1984


R.E.M. - Michael Stipe

Have been spending the night sifting through the internet for old R.E.M. bootlegs. Unfortunately, being a child of the nineties, I am not old enough to have had any original vinyl bootlegs, so I have to make do with the mp3’s people have posted on the internet. But, man, are they ever good.

This is from one of their earliest-known bootlegs, recorded October 4th, 1980 at Tyrone’s in Athens. I can’t get enough of it. It’s so caffeinated, so energetic, so fresh; it’s a piece of R.E.M. history. 

[Download the full bootleg here]


R.E.M. ‘95 + Quotes (Part 2)

(Part 1 is here)


Michael Stipe in 1985 when he visited Pasaquan which is a Compound in Georgia owned by folk artist Eddie Martin (the man in the middle.) the guy at the end is Michael’s friend Jeff Gilley. Look at that cool blonde hair. Photo credit Tom Patterson.


R.E.M. during the Out Of Time era :)